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Bad Sega Genesis Game Bad Sega Genesis Game

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I don't know wtf you're talking about in your bitchy post there, but this makes my soul full of bouncing happy.

badg3r-Wils0n responds:

Well Good }8O BTW "Tell TheLizardofOdd what you think of his review!" Why does this site think you're a dude?

What the hell Liz? What...........................da hellllllllllllllllllllll

Cefkon Capital City Cefkon Capital City

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Ffffffuuuu I miss Booyah Ball. This song totally rocks my face btw.

badg3r-Wils0n responds:

WHEN THE HELL DID YOU...well shit. Thanks! And I should probably mention that The Cefkon are still alive and well in their slowly expanding piece of the Spore galaxy :PP Maybe one day I'll get back there...I mean hell they can blow up whole planets now to acquire MEATS. That's a lot of meats...

Single Sands Single Sands

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Oh! OH!

Okay, really like this one! I'm a HUGE sucker for middle-eastern influence in music. Something about it just tickles my fancy. And I love it just as it is. It's dark, mysterious, and excellent 'rider galloping through the sands on horseback in the dead of night' music.
Sweet. :D

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EggZiBiT responds:

Thanks for the review ^^ - love the lizard!
I just wish i could finish this.. seems pretty repetitive at the moment >.<
Maybe with your morale boost, i may decide to finish it!

Robotrotnic Robotrotnic

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I like this one...the center part would make a great loop for a flash game!
Since your theme was complexity, if you want an easy way to spruce something like this up...try doubling some of the synths and turning bits into chords instead of single notes...with lossa delay. :D
A couple new drum loops adding layers is also good. I found this cool site with drum loop examples...http://www.onlinedrummer.c om/beats.php?style=misc&difficulty=5&
Find a cool rock beat, throw on some compression and use it for a break. FUNS. :D

EggZiBiT responds:

Thanks for the review and link!
Yea, i believe my drum loops are my biggest flaw at the moment (along with getting stuck with projects).
I enjoy doing this as a past-time hobby and as soon as i find the time, i would really like to start, and try producing tracks on your calibre.

Thanks again for the priceless tips!

Original Colossal Original Colossal

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What you HAVE here is very good. It's got a nice beat, I like the main instrument, and the places you take it.
All it needs is some more love. A couple breaks with something different, and some more instrumentation to fill it out more. Some long strings and/or synths to tie it together and accentuate the chords a bit.
You could also take the drums slightly farther here and there. I like them as they are, but it'd make a sweet break to have them bust out with a slightly more complex rythm.
Having it clean and simple could work for some of it, but not for the whole song. As a whole, it just feels very empty compared to what it could be. Still, nice work, and very clean sounding. Do like. :)

EggZiBiT responds:

I started this at like 3 in the moring xD - i was so tired but i couldn't sleep (had to be at the airport in 3 hours), and unfortunately was left unfinished.
This is the very basic version but yet again, i'll take what you said on board and hopefully pull it together ^^

Peace - EggZ

Ultimatum Sanctum (gtr Solos) Ultimatum Sanctum (gtr Solos)

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Loved this...the mix is pretty rough (compression is kinda bad) BUT it's awesome and rockin'...makes me think of Brutal Legend.

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wilb0b responds:

lolol man Brutal Lengend?? i wish!! that games has some great sound track of old metal

Crock Of Bach Crock Of Bach

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Sweet remix

If you were trying to be funny with your description, then that's cool. But if you're serious, remixing classical tunes has been done a -lot- (look up 'Bond Music' on google) so it's hardly a new concept... :P
As a remix, in and of itself, it's very well done with some cool twists to it and nice instrumentation. So 9/10 to yous. :D

Rockin Out In Mother Russia!!! Rockin Out In Mother Russia!!!

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not bad!

In general going along with what has already been's a little simple and doesn't quite deliver the power I think you were feeling when you made it, but it's not a bad listen and a decent tune!

superuberinsaneausm responds:

thanks, i have the demo version of fl9 so i dont have that many vst's.... good ones at least

0100111010110011001110011 0100111010110011001110011

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. . . . . .

Have to admit, it makes me laugh. I don't know WTF it's supposed to BE . . . but it makes me laugh. XD

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superuberinsaneausm responds:

i was playin around with an 8 bit vst added some of my wonderful singing and ended up with this masterpeice

Hosh Posh Hosh Posh

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Hah! Like it!

I love the almost whimsical nature of this's like it's trying so hard to be serious, and yet has a silly/wacked side that it can't shake off (all meant in a good way). Nice work! :D