2012 Submissions

Tech Demo Techno Song
Ready to Serve! Video Game Song
Zombie Attack! Techno Song
Zombies! Custom Vo Work Voice Demo Song
Bigglesville Market Classical Song
Trial by Fire . . . of DOOM! Dance Song
Flight of the -Dragon- Techno Song
HBDM Dance Song
Haunted House!!1! :O Miscellaneous Song
L4D2 - My Favorite Things Jazz Song
Crossing the Moorland - Loop Miscellaneous Loop
Tainted Halls Miscellaneous Song
First Windrider Flight Video Game Song
Happy Clams! Miscellaneous Song
I Can Has Jazz? Jazz Song
Imaginary Friends Miscellaneous Song
Tension Remix Video Game Song
Corruption of the Heart Miscellaneous Song
1616 Techno Song
Fairiez!!1! Miscellaneous Song