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BFFAAHAHA YES pleeease make more. This is kindof the best thing ever in the universe. Pretty sure.

Hell nice!

Amazing animation...the colors and movement really make this. Dusty, clunked-together metal towns, but with attention given to the parts that matter (doors, vehicles, guns). All beautifully animated with loads of character. It's a cool theme with amazing potential.
Unfortunately I think it was pulled down a bit by two things...some sections of the writing and the audio. The storyline in general is a good theme...old, wounded sheriff finds the tools he needs to take back his down... but the order in which things are told, the plot-device weapon(Why didn't the other sheriff use it if it was so immediately/easily effective?) and some clunky dialog could have used some time getting refined.
The sound design is bland and drags down the visuals...really punchy, awesome sounds would bring it out a lot more. The music is adequate but it'd be a lot cooler if it better matched what was happening rather than just dragged and dropped in.
The voice overs are great, however. :)
I mean all this in the best interest of helpful criticism, because I loved the movie and felt it a shame that these things held it back in my opinion. Keep up the awesome work!! :D

Amazing looking!

The art style and movement of this is just awesome. The subject material is very....strange...but you should definitely do more work with this style!

dimitrikozma responds:

Soon I will post more animations. ;-)

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7 stars -only- because it does not feel like a complete game due to the length. It's otherwise 5/5!
Great artwork...fun, challenging puzzles, and a neat concept to wrap it all together. Everything fits together in a way that makes sense...you are simply accessing this machinery in the way they were designed to be...almost like a key per each piece. I really enjoy puzzle games that feel like they make logical sense, and are not just floating in a meaningless existence.
Well done, I really hope you fill this out and add a bunch more levels!

Holy crap

This is incredible. Very nice work!!!

Awesomely painful

Sweet game, but I agree, it's stupid hard. Maybe instead of instant destruction upon hitting the line, you are penalized in some way....like it drains your ships power and you slow the hell down for a few seconds. So that way if you screw up (which is very frequent) you can still keep going and have fun without having to repeat the same stuff over and over.

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I don't know wtf you're talking about in your bitchy post there, but this makes my soul full of bouncing happy.

badg3r-Wils0n responds:

Well Good }8O BTW "Tell TheLizardofOdd what you think of his review!" Why does this site think you're a dude?

What the hell Liz? What...........................da hellllllllllllllllllllll

Oh! OH!

Okay, really like this one! I'm a HUGE sucker for middle-eastern influence in music. Something about it just tickles my fancy. And I love it just as it is. It's dark, mysterious, and excellent 'rider galloping through the sands on horseback in the dead of night' music.
Sweet. :D

EggZiBiT responds:

Thanks for the review ^^ - love the lizard!
I just wish i could finish this.. seems pretty repetitive at the moment >.<
Maybe with your morale boost, i may decide to finish it!


I like this one...the center part would make a great loop for a flash game!
Since your theme was complexity, if you want an easy way to spruce something like this up...try doubling some of the synths and turning bits into chords instead of single notes...with lossa delay. :D
A couple new drum loops adding layers is also good. I found this cool site with drum loop examples...http://www.onlinedrummer.c om/beats.php?style=misc&difficulty=5&
Find a cool rock beat, throw on some compression and use it for a break. FUNS. :D

EggZiBiT responds:

Thanks for the review and link!
Yea, i believe my drum loops are my biggest flaw at the moment (along with getting stuck with projects).
I enjoy doing this as a past-time hobby and as soon as i find the time, i would really like to start, and try producing tracks on your calibre.

Thanks again for the priceless tips!

I love a little bit of everything . . . games, movies, music, art, outdoors . . . and take part in making a variety of stuff as well. Mostly I'm here to post music and offer sound design and custom soundtracks. :D

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