Let's just update this thing here, yesh...

2010-11-16 10:52:44 by TheLizardofOdd

Nothing too earth-shattering to report or update this with, but I wanted to get something new going here.
For those interested, I am still happy to talk about doing cooperative work on games or movies or what have you, but here lately I've been crazy busy at work and it's left me wanting to do nothing but rest my ears when I am home. A damn shame as it means I haven't been working on any new music for fun either, but hopefully things will change for the better soon. At least as far as my poor ears are concerned.
In other news, I finally feel like I'm starting to catch up a bit on my games and TV list. Still need to beat Mass Effect 2, then play Fallout New Vegas, Starcraft 2, catch up on The Walking Dead and someday watch BSG. There are plenty of non-geeky shows I want to watch too...like Dexter and the rest of Lost, but they are further down the list. At least I'm making headway...taking a break from WoW until Cataclysm is helping this. :P



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2010-11-18 18:53:53

I kinda think you cheat the world when you don't make new music. JUST sayin' ya jerkkkkkkk ;|


2012-04-18 14:12:33

MAAAN, YOU MADE THOSE ZOMBIE HALF LIFE 2 VOICES???? SRSLY????? A GIRL? THAT'S INCREDIBLE! NO, SRSLY, HOW???? how you can have a throat like that??? awesome!!!!