2009-09-03 09:01:21 by TheLizardofOdd

Why hello thar!

If you are here then you probably either like my work, accidentally clicked my name somewhere, or are cristovaosg trying yet again to find some extra way to share your kind, insightful thoughts with me. <3!

Anywho, IF you are here for object number one, and actually enjoy my random insanities that some folks might refer to as music . . . then please, consider the following!

I am seeking fun, creative individuals to form partnerships with in creating original grade-A material for these here intarwebs! I -love- stuff to do with fantasy, scifi, and video games, but would never limit myself to them. What am I really saying here? I am talking about making custom music and sound effects for your amazing movie and/or game! Someday perhaps I would love to assist in writing and designing some games as well!

So if any of that sounds cool to you, send me a message and let's hook up! Be it a 15 second clip of a screaming monkey or the most EPIC FLASH GAME EVAR, I want to hear from ya!

Or if you just happened to read this and have no interest whatsoever...that's cool too!

In any case, thanks for stopping by!

-Lizard of Odd-


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hello nice to see you here too :)


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